Friday, September 26, 2014

Rhendie's Hideaways

Meet Rhendie! The amazing girl behind our Tumblr! Her life is so colorful. You can really see how connected she is to nature. She is constantly on the go from beach to beach. Beach bumming around looking cute in her huge bikini collection. Always eating vibrant island fruit and chugging down local kombucha. flower child, water baby! So happy to have her represent our brand! Look for her blog posts here and on tumblr. Follow her on Instagram : @gypsearhen  ***I worn you it will make you re think your day job and move to Hawaii. Here are her latest adventures: 

Adventuring is a priority in my life! Hiding away, seeking new beauty Maui has to offer and getting wet is unstoppable while exploring. I love matching my days with the cutest bikini I can get my hands on.

It makes me happy when I see beautiful scenery that the world creates itself. I feel like all you really have to do is pick the right time of day to go outside. Whether that’s waking up really early and watching the sunrise, spending the day at the beach, or even watching the sun go down but admitting the earth providing beauty in some way, can bring peace and put a smile on your face.

I could spend forever in my bikini!
Macintosh HD:Users:Rhen:Desktop:IMG_1295.JPG

The West Side of Maui always has something to offer. This time it was the beautiful view of the island Lanai!
Macintosh HD:Users:Rhen:Desktop:IMG_1363.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:Rhen:Desktop:IMG_0687.JPG

I have an endless love affair with palm trees. The way they sway so carelessly to the rhythm of the wind, going with the flow – palm trees are great examples of relaxation!
Macintosh HD:Users:Rhen:Desktop:IMG_0329.JPG

Hamoa beach in Hana on the East side of Maui is my favorite beach on the island! There’s never been a day where the water wasn’t clear and the waves weren’t crashing! I love taking my go-pro and play in the waves while my boyfriend surfs the outer right point. I love to soak up the Hana sunshine and take my mind off of everything else!

   XOXO Rhendie

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