Friday, September 26, 2014

Makeup tips for the Beach Babe

Lets be honest, sometimes we just want to wear makeup to the beach and definitely dont want to look like we have a bunch of stuff caked on. Heres some tips ive learned to create the perfect "no makeup makeup" look thats perfect for the beach or pool side.

The heat can be your makeups worst enemy so you want to go with something light. I start with a great tinted moisturizer like this one- Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-hour 30SPF. Plus spf to keep the wrinkles away is always better. It makes all the difference! Foundation is too heavy for the beach and heat causes your pores to open and the foundation can cause break outs, yuck, no thanks!. Cover any spots, dots and under eye circles with a good concealer, this is my favorite by Make Up Forever full cover concealer in color #7 Sand(and trust me i've tried them all).

Then, I love a good cheek and lip stain! They add a pop of color that looks natural but better! There's just something about a girl with a little color to her cheeks and lips that make her look so beautiful and happy. Especially at the beach!  I prefer a pinker tone for the beach like this one Becca Beach Tint in watermelon.

Next, I top that off with a light bronzer on the cheek bones and forehead. I use Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer in the color Tahiti. Don't be afraid to use one with a little shimmer like this one. the beach is exactly where you want to have a little extra glow.

Cant forget waterproof mascara-Really any brand works, I currently using Clinique High Impact waterproof Mascara and im really digging it. I got a sample in my last Sephoa purchase and its my fav or if you can get lash extensions. Which are amazing by the way and we will do a diy lash extension blog soon(easier then you think and so much cheaper)! You wake up looking like a bright eyed Disney princess. It amazing what full lashes can do!

To finish the look off fill in those brows. I came across this one- NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder recently at our local drugstore and am so happy i did! I got it for $3 such a steal and its seriously so good! Im So obsessed i need to share with everyone! It is seriously sooooo cheap and better then my  $32 brow filler from Sephora! Its amazing and you will definitely always find it in my beauty bag.

For a girl whos spent her entire life an an endless summer this routine is everything!
Hideaway Swim

Photographer- BROOKE LARSON

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