Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chasing Dreams with Anna

Anna Hallsten is a up and coming model on Maui. Her natural beauty will captivate you.
She is a laid back Maui girl who enjoys the simple things in life. Beach days, tea and local fish plates. She is so relaxed and coy in person. It is amazing how she transforms in front of the camera into a vibrant high end super model. Her natural poses and striking features make her so unique. She has been modeling for over a year and has already accomplished so much! She has given us the opportunity to see behind the scenes into her life as a model and a beach babe living on Maui.
We are so excited and lucky to have her as a Hideaway girl! Find her weekly blog posts here.
Follow her on instagram: Haoleprincess  

Chasing Dreams

Lately life has been so good to me, for the past year I have been blessed with the opportunity to start modeling. When I was younger it was always in the back of my mind as something that was a dream or goal for me. I would see pictures of all these Victoria’s secret angles in magazines, and think how awesome would that be to have a job like that?! Never did I think it would start becoming a reality, granted it is only on a little scale for me. It is a growing passion and each time I have the opportunity to shoot I fall more in love with it. It’s not always the easiest job ladies (don’t be fooled be the glamour of it all ;)) Living on the beautiful island of Maui is so perfect renewing me and refreshing my mind and giving me a new outlook on life. When I’m feeling overwhelmed with work, school whatever it may be; my absolute favorite thing to do is get away from it all, grab my hideaway bikini, some healthy snacks and go to the beach. I LOVE just lying in the sand, soaking up the sun and letting everything go. Crazy how something so simple can be exactly what you need. A clear mind is so important, so make sure you take the time for yourself to get away, clear your mind and have some you time <3 

The little things I enjoy:
A hot cup of tea in the mornings
Bikinis (my hideaway ones in particular ;))



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