Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aloha ‘āina

We control our own lives and decide how to fulfill it.  
Spending money consciously on what you believe in will have a healthy impact on yourself and your community. 

 We united with a group of designers and and Organic farmers on Maui to collaborate on a photo project. This shoot was designed to provoke thoughts on Maui's GMO Ban. 

We are all deeply inspired by Maui's innate beauty. We want nothing more than to protect it's land and people.
A Chemical free environment.
It is not a Farm ban.
Educate yourself on the topic.

"The impacts of chemical testing and GMOs are immediate — and, in the long-term, could prove deadly. In Hawaii, Monsanto and other biotech corporations have sprayed over 70 different chemicals during field tests of genetically engineered crops, more chemical testing than in any other place in the world." (1)

"Human studies have not been conducted on GMO foods, but animal experiments show that genetically modified foods lead to pre-cancerous cell growth, infertility, and severe damage to the kidneys, liver and large intestines. Additionally, the health risks of chemical herbicides sprayed onto GMO crops cause hormone disruption, cancer, neurological disorders and birth defects. In Hawaii, some open-field testing sites are near homes and schools." (2)

Buy local. Buy Organic.
Support your local community.
Getting to know the farmers who grow your food builds your perception and a trust. You can connect to your environment. You understand more about the weather, the seasons and the science of growing food. It offers great lessons in nature and agriculture. You are educating yourself and gaining gratitude for where your food comes from. Supporting a chemical testing free land. Also Perceiving what it will be like for the next generation.  

 Kapuna Farms 
 Honey, Chickens and Coconuts

Think about what your buying. 
How does it reflect your believes?

Your money has more strength than words. Make sure it's supporting the right cause. 

Sweet Metal Candy

Bar necklaces, Bangles, Earrings and Rings:
Beautiful flower crown made by Sweet Metal Candy Owner Moana Jenson 

Hideaway Swim 
 Candice Parcher & Brooke Larson

Swimwear crop tops by Hideaway Swim

Salt On The Rocks

Sea debris rings 
made with plastic and glass washed up from the shores can be found at:

Lavender Crown made by Rhendie with Lavender from:

Veggies, leis and flowers donated by 
Mana Foods

Models :                    Anna Hallsten                                         Rhendie Hepa
Photographer: Brooke Larson
Stylist Candice Parcher  
Blogger: Brooke Larson


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