Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anna's Creative Vibes

Such a rad thing creativity is. I've never thought of myself as being creative, but the more I grow up and learn to enjoy life and be free spirited I find myself picking up on creative little things everyone does. I love creative people. I feel drawn towards them and just want to surround myself around them all the time. It brings people together in a way you wouldn't think.

The time when I get to express creativity and experience it the most is in photoshoots. Just yesterday we got to do a dream shoot promoting local farms and organic yummy food. That was kind of when it hit me. From photographers + models + jewelry makers + farmers we can all come together and create magic through creativity. Everyones visions and different talents make amazing things.

We all are creative just in different ways. That's the greatest thing about it, you can never be wrong expressing your creativity, there isn't a set pattern or anything you have to follow that's that beauty in it.  This week try and express it as much as you can. When you are doing what you love that's when you will see it the most. I think when you express your creativity you find a little more of yourself every time and it will help you to start getting in touch with who you really are and that's when happiness and being content really sets in xx

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